Digital Aerospace Marketing

Digital Aerospace is a focussed marketing and communications service from Mediastation. We utilise our highly creative production capabilities and extensive experience in helping Aerospace companies engage with their customers, to deliver some truly breath-taking work. Work that transcends across all media and channels, is a cut above the competition and ultimately builds our client’s business.

At the heart of what we do is a bespoke aircraft visualisation, animation and interactive development service. As an alternative to traditional air-to-air filming and aerial photography, it gives us the ultimate assets and flexibility to create relevant content across all digital communication mediums.

What can be done?

If you imagine it we can create it! We are film makers, technologists and digital creatives, using computer graphics (CGI) we blend the real with the unreal and can make the impossible happen. The photo realistic detail we work to means we are now only limited by our own imagination.

  • Visualise any aircraft in any livery anywhere in the world!
  • Create footage that would be impossible to capture in reality
  • Create amazing consumer multi-channel brand experiences
  • Visualise anything: interiors, exteriors, engines, components and prototypes
  • Explain technology throughout the aircraft
  • No need for aerial filming
  • Simulate any time of day or environment
  • Create stereoscopic 3D animation (Just like at the cinema)
  • Create interactive apps, online experiences
  • Enhance training and education retention
  • Interactive seat booking systems and augmented reality
  • Make your marketing budget go further than ever before!

Latest project...

When one of the most high profile brands in the US, American Airlines, launched its first re-brand for 40 years ithey chose us to help them.

American Airlines 777-300



Prior to the new brand launch we assisted American Airlines regional carrier American Eagle to visualise it’s updated cabin experience.